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Rajah & Tann commits a proportion of its annual profits to support charitable projects in Singapore through the newly set up Rajah & Tann Foundation.

There are plans to expand it to charitable causes in the region, in line with Rajah & Tann’s regional footprint and presence.

The Rajah & Tann Foundation is administered by the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS), an independent, non-profit organisation which matches donors with those in need of financial assistance.

An advisory committee, chaired by Chandra Mohan, works with the CFS to evaluate the applications of grants.

In the press interviews in January 2011, Senior Counsel Lee Eng Beng, Managing Partner of Rajah & Tann, said: “Our law firm has always had a strong sense of community spirit. We already contribute to a number of social causes and many of our lawyers voluntarily undertake pro bono work with the firm’s full support. The setting up of this foundation is a further step to deepen our commitment to play the role of a socially responsible corporate citizen in the local and regional communities.

“It will also allow us to channel donations to charities in an organized, cohesive and focused manner, and provide a focal point for our lawyers and staff to participate in initiatives to raise funds for worthy causes.”

Rajah & Tann is well known in the legal industry for its strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) culture. It has received recognition from the law society for it and was the recipient of the inaugural Volunteer of the Year Award for large-sized law practice in 2009. In the same year, Gregory Vijayendran, a partner at Rajah & Tann and on its CSR committee, was named the Pro Bono Ambassador of the Year. It was also the only law firm to win the Work Life Balance Excellence Award given by the Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy last year.

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