Fraud, Asset Recovery & Investigations

Our Capability

The bespoke services we offer clients broadly cover the following areas: 

  • Fraud & Asset Recovery
  • Investigations
  • Crisis Management

Fraud & Asset Recovery

We work hand-in-hand with corporations to customise and implement internal protocols and measures for the detection and prevention of fraud. Where fraud is discovered, we guide our clients in all critical decisions that must be made, focusing on investigation, recovery of assets, protection of business reputation and compliance with regulatory requirements. We offer bespoke services to identify, investigate and unravel fraud. We employ appropriate legal mechanisms to seek redress and recovery. To prevent asset dissipation, we help our clients initiate recovery proceedings in the appropriate jurisdictions, relying on an effective coordinated strike plan to swiftly and decisively recover their assets. These include obtaining court orders compelling third parties to disclose critical information about misappropriated assets, freeze key assets before fraudsters can liquidate or further conceal them.


With our in-depth knowledge of regulatory frameworks covering a wide array of industries in the region, we focus on domestic and cross-border investigations, whether regulatory, compliance, or criminal in nature, with tailor-made expertise and experience in investigations covering the banking, financial, securities, shipping, and natural resources sectors throughout Asia’s emerging markets.

We have conducted and advised on investigations into:

  • corporate and white-collar crime
  • regulatory compliance
  • bribery and corruption
  • fraud and money laundering
  • corporate governance and internal policy breaches
  • tax avoidance
  • treasury, financial, and accounting practices
  • corporate misconduct
  • governmental inquiries and mutual legal assistance
  • trade and economic sanctions
  • cartels and competition

We also assist corporations in laying a strong foundation to prevent and contain any crisis by conceiving and implementing tailor-made compliance and risk programs, coupled with regular training sessions.

Crisis Management

We have the legal expertise and commercial experience to support our clients in managing every crisis situation, from industrial accidents, corporate fraud, collapses in the financial markets, credit crisis, product liability threats, dawn raids/ investigations, assaults from the public or media, to allegations by whistle blowers.

With our specialized understanding of handling crisis situations, we work closely with our clients to manage and limit reputational and institutional risks. We offer appropriate counter-measures to be undertaken and advise on reporting and communication requirements. To minimise risks to corporate image and reputation, we work closely with public relations and strategic communications specialists to manage the dissemination of information to the public. Where our clients have a presence in multiple countries, we help conceive a holistic and harmonised approach to concurrently manage crisis situations across these countries.

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